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Sessions and Fees

On-Line Video Session via Zoom

On-line video sessions are conducted through Zoom and area available based on UK times.

This platform enables high quality video calls with a range of features that mean I can share visual material with clients during our sessions.

These sessions are 50 - 60 minutes duration and charged at £85 per session. 

Evening and weekend sessions are sometimes available - please contact me for more information.

In-Person Sessions

These sessions are 50 - 60 minutes duration and charged at £85 per session.

They take place in my therapy office located between Brecon and Builth Wells.  Please contact me for details about location and accessibility.


Walking Therapy

A number of people find the anticipation of working with a therapist to be a daunting prospect.  Particularly at the start of the therapeutic relationship, for some people,  a 1 hour session is too short to develop trust in their therapist and still have time to move onto therapeutic work.  However, longer than this, especially on-line, can feel too tiring and intense.  Therefore, I also offer extended sessions of 'walking therapy'.  

These are sessions of 1.5 - 3 hours duration that take place in the beautiful and peaceful Mid-Wales countryside.  These take place around the riverside towns of Brecon and Builth Wells and in the surrounding area.   I use gentle paced, mindful walking, interspersed with periods of sitting and resting to allow spacious and easy attention to the client's difficulties .  

This extended time-period allows trust to develop; the physical activity of walking has a grounding effect and the natural environment is both soothing to the nervous system while enabling the organic development of a companiable relationship between client and therapist.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing fees and arrangements for walking therapy.  All walks are tailored to a person's level of mobility and fitness and weather conditions are always taken into account.

Comfortable Therapy Office

How Many Sessions will I need?

It is impossible to predict how many sessions a person will need before they feel significant benefit.

Everyone's history and present-day circumstances are different.

Some people find that a few sessions give them enough insight and skills to go forward on their own.  Others like to attend for just a few sessions at a time but return for further input at times over many years.  Others choose to start with a period of weekly sessions and then gradually reduce the frequency.

It is a very individual choice but I would suggest an initial commitment of between three and six weekly sessions to give time to 'settle in' with your therapist have the opportunity to really experience what this therapy can offer.

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