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Engaging with Therapy

Undertaking therapy can be personally demanding and also involves a considerable commitment in terms of time and money. Obviously, no therapist can promise you a guaranteed outcome because there are too many variable factors involved. However, therapy is also not a random process. The therapist brings her skills, experience and personal qualities - and you, as the client, can also influence the effectiveness of your time in therapy.

* Perhaps the most important thing you can bring is an xpectation that you will be an active, collaborative participant in the process. Therapy is not something you receive – it is much more like being part of a team with a shared ambition. * Be kind and considerate to yourself in regard to your sessions. If you are on-line, ensure that you are in a comfortable, quiet and confidential space where you are not going to be disturbed. Try to allow for time before your session to settle yourself and consider what you want to focus on; and time after your session to allow any helpful learning to become consolidated. * Take the time to read this website so that you have a sense of how ‘Meaningful Therapy’ works. This will help you to be more actively engaged in the process and to understand what you are trying to accomplish. * Once you have explained your difficulty, give yourself permission to ‘explain less and explore more’. With your therapist’s help, slow down and allow yourself to really be with your experience so that you can come to understand your emotional life better. * Commit to making time between sessions to do any activities suggested by your therapist.

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