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Payment and Cancellations. 


Payment is on a session-by-session basis.  Payment is to be made prior to each session by BACS.  Details will be sent to you when we arrange our first paid session.  Standard session fee is £85.

Session Bundles and  Payments

Starting therapy, or beginning with an unknown therapist, can feel daunting and therapy is likely to feel challenging at times.    So making a commitment to your sessions is very important.  You have got as far as choosing a therapist and deciding to begin sessions so it sounds like this is the right time for you to be making changes in your life.  

To help clients commit to those initial sessions, I offer a 'bundle' of four sessions for a reduced fee of £300.  This is to be paid in advance and all four session slots are also arranged and confirmed in advance.  Cancellation of any of those slots requires 24 hours notice and that cancelled session can then be rearranged.  

There may also be an option to continue arranging 'bundles' of sessions as your therapy continues.


I reserve a very small number of sessions that I offer at a concessionary rate to people who are unable to afford the full cost of my fees.  If you have read this website and believe that I am a particularly good fit for you and your circumstances, but cannot afford the fees, please contact me to discuss.  I recognise that talking about money can be uncomfortable but if we are to have a trusting therapeutic relationship, this conversation could be a good starting point.


Sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the agreed appointment time will be charged at full rate.  Cancellations with more than 24 hours' notice will not be charged.


I do not accept direct payment from insurance companies.  However, I am of course happy for you to pay me directly and for you to claim reimbursement through your insurance provider.

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